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In the current market, traditional IT cybersecurity countermeasures are not sufficient to protect against attacks. In some cases, countermeasures can trigger network compromises, denial of services and security breaches. 

Cybersecurity risks are created in a multitude of ways, but some of the most common risks are introduced by:

  • personnel, disgruntled employees, contractors and insiders who seek to damage systems and steal intellectual property
  • professional cyber thieves who steal and sell information
  • adversarial nations or groups who use the Internet for cyber warfare, IP theft and civil disobedience

Insiders pose a serious threat because they often already have access to the system and sometimes possess legitimate reasons to misuse computer systems, extend their privileges, and impersonate other users. Outsiders can use the Internet, remote access, and partner network tunnels to penetrate your network and even you facilities. Attackers exploit any and all vulnerabilities by using a variety of techniques and tools to probe networks, publicize targets, stifle operations, gain business advantage and promote causes.

DevilDog identity management offers comprehensive IT risk management software and services that protect employees, companies, shareholders, customers and vendors. Our team consists of PhDs and other experts who have been creating effective cybersecurity solutions for years. We have experience in many environments, including Windows, Macs, Android, iOS, and Linux and can provide an Identification and Authentication framework to make your system compliant.

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