Cyber Policy Documentation

Documentation for Compliance

At DevilDog, we know that well-developed security policies and plans are at the heart of any effective cybersecurity posture. These documents are created to outline how a company protects itself and its information technology assets. To maintain these critical resources and ensure compliance, our Documentation Policy Advisors provide a Quarterly Business Review to enhance your business’s focus and attentiveness on security and continuity needs by delivering the following:

  • Information Security Policy, defining the standards and processes your business uses to secure your network and data.
  • Technology Acceptable Use Agreement, articulating acceptable employee uses of your business’s technology, in addition to the consequences of misuse.
  • Business Continuity Plan, demonstrating to your clients, shareholders and partners that your business is prepared for the worst.
  • Tabletop Business Continuity Exercise, challenging the integrity of your plan in a safe environment, with a written recap advising opportunities for improvement.

DevilDog will develop, review and update all cybersecurity documentation to help your business meet any required compliance regulations. Our staff consists of two PhDs on staff who specialize in creating compliance documentation. As part of our service, we document everything we do while creating your security solution. At the end, we’ll provide you with a certificate of compliance you can provide to an auditor.

Cybersecurity Policy

Cyber Policy Development

Protocol Development

Attestation Reporting

Cybersecurity Modeling




RMF - Risk Management Frameworks

CNSSP - Committee on National Security Systems Policy

SSAA - System Security Authorization Agreement






Common Criteria

EAL - Evaluation Assurance Levels 1-7

Object Subject Classification

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Qualitative Risk Analysis

Risk Mitigation

Risk Reporting

BCP - Business Continuity Planning

DRP - Disaster Recovery Planning