DevilDog Cybersecurity Solutions

DevilDog specializes in creating robust cybersecurity solutions that are turnkey. We offer a complete suite of customized security solutions from start to finish. Our solutions are cost-effective and can be expedited depending on your timeline.

DevilDog’s customized solutions include vulnerability assessments, scanning, pen testing, managed services, compliance audits, authentication, cloud security, and training solutions. In addition, we can develop a dynamic cybersecurity program that can manage your complete infrastructure. This includes 24/7 monitoring or a custom cloud solution that meets top regulatory standards.

Looking Up Through the Trees
Vulnerability Assessment

A partnership with DevilDog begins with a vulnerability assessment to find any holes in your IT infrastructure including all DNA (Databases, Networks, and Applications). Our engineers create a Transparency Risk Report to give clients a step-by-step roadmap to harden their infrastructure and meet any compliance framework. This report shows you where your company’s cybersecurity posture currently stands and how to meet regulatory standards.

Partnering with DevilDog
Affordable Pricing

Partnering with DevilDog comes with an affordable subscription model. This allows companies to secure their infrastructure, meet compliance standards and maintain their robust security posture throughout the term of the subscription. We offer a wide range of solution to secure your critical assets and provide you with supporting documentation. The DevilDog Pricing Model is structured to allows your company to implement a cybersecurity solution ASAP and finance it over 36-months.

Quarterly Cyber Review
Quarterly Cyber Review

Once a solution has been implemented, our clients undergo a formal Quarterly Cybersecurity Review. This review is designed to ensure your continued compliance while addressing new threats, changing environments and investigates any malicious activity. This report also includes vulnerability scans at varying time intervals. The report is designed to assess any activity and updates that may have occurred over the quarter.

Robust Infrastructure
Robust Infrastructure

Our solutions are fast, robust, resilient and ever-evolving to harden your infrastructure and helps your company pass any compliance audit. DevilDog’s cybersecurity consultants first analyze your infrastructure and systems. Once the analysis is complete, we begin our step-by-step process to implement technical security controls in over 18 different domains and create the supporting documentation to support your cybersecurity and compliance.

The DevilDog Cybersecurity Mission

Our goal at DevilDog is to develop fast, affordable and robust cybersecurity solutions. DevilDog’s solutions are resilient and ever-evolving to address the constantly changing threatscape.

Our team develops custom programs that protect your critical assets for the longevity of your business. We focus on being your cybersecurity watchdog so your company can concentrate on its core business.

Identity Management

DevilDog helps you take control of your data. Our customized solutions protect your infrastructure from unauthorized access through bespoke identity and access management controls.

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The Watchdog Cloud

DevilDog has a robust cloud solution that will protect all your data regardless of compliance framework. Our WatchDog Cloud deploys over 100 security controls that ensure the security and availability of your sensitive data.

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Security Monitoring

DevilDog has customized solutions that will oversee all the activity in your IT environment. Our solutions are proactive to prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.

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Risk Assessment

Anti-virus is just the tip of the iceberg. DevilDog has a team that will review your infrastructure in 18 areas of risk and domains. Once we complete our analysis, our team will create a Gap Analysis Report which gives you a roadmap to a resilient and secure IT environment.

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Security Controls

DevilDog recognizes that policies and procedure are not enough. Our team of engineers can develop and rapidly deploy technical controls to protect your business and infrastructure.

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Over 90% of cyber breaches are due to untrained personal. DevilDog has customized training programs for every level within your company. Our programs train the C-Suite, middle management, IT engineers, and any employee with access to your systems.

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CMMC Solutions

DevilDog has a team of CMMC experts consisting of a provisional instructor and assessor for the CMMC Accreditation Body (CYBER-AB). Most of our CMMC solutions can be implemented in three to six months.

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HIPPA Solutions

The DevilDog Compliance Division specializes in healthcare cybersecurity. Our team of experts can create and implement a robust HIPPA or HITRUST solution to meet compliance standards within three to six months.

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ISO Solutions

DevilDog has a team of engineers who are experts in ISO implementation and compliance. We can develop, document, and deploy ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 security controls within three months.

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The DevilDog Story

Semper Fidelis

DevilDog Cybersecurity was founded by a group of US Marines who have an extensive background in cybersecurity and business. DevilDog’s executive team has served in various branches of the US Armed Forces with PhD’s and Master’s Degrees in Cybersecurity and Information Technology. Our staff is comprised of highly-skilled engineers, cybersecurity experts with graduate degrees, and educators at the university level.

Founded with Marine Corps principles, DevilDog echos the Marine values of honor, courage and commitment. We strive to live out the Marine Corps moto, Semper Fidelis, which is Latin for ‘Always Faithful.’ DevilDog is the company who will always be there for our clients.

Our mission is to be our clients first line of defense against cyber threats. We build custom solutions that are robust to follow the highest standards and protocols. Protecting our clients business and, in extension, our Nation’s security, is our passion.

DevilDog prides itself in it’s relationships with cybersecurity leaders on the forefront of government regulations and standards, such as the NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance. DevilDog will set you up for success by ensuring a path to compliance with all regulations and requirements facing your business.