Penetration Test

The Power of Pentesting

The DevilDog Pentesting Division specializes in the detection and remediation potential vulnerabilities in your environment. Our pentesting team conducts an comprehensive scan of your network, including systems, servers, applications, and databases. Through this analysis we generate an in-depth report that provides a thorough assessment of the effectiveness of your cybersecurity environment; including remediation steps to harden your infrastructure.

Why do I need a Pentest?

Penetration testing, also known as pentesting, is a proactive cybersecurity technique where trained experts simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities in a company's network and other assets. By systematically attempting to exploit weaknesses and gain unauthorized access, pentesting helps evaluate the overall security posture and uncover potential risks. DevilDog Cybersecurity specializes in conducting thorough and effective pentests for businesses seeking to fortify their cybersecurity defenses.

Various regulatory frameworks such as CMMC, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and the GLBA, require periodic pentests for organizations operating within their industries. DevilDog Cybersecurity understands the regulatory landscape and ensures that its pentesting services comply with industry standards, and provide businesses with the necessary assessments to meet regulatory requirements.

The frequency of conducting pentests depends on factors such as the organization's risk appetite, industry regulations, technology changes, and emerging threats. While it is generally recommended to perform pentests at least annually, DevilDog Cybersecurity recognizes the importance of more frequent testing to provide better protection against evolving threats. With its expertise and up-to-date knowledge, DevilDog Cybersecurity collaborates with businesses to determine the appropriate frequency of pentests, ensuring continuous security and peace of mind.

DevilDog Cybersecurity offers a range of pentesting services tailored to address different aspects of cybersecurity. These services include network pentesting, web application pentesting, wireless pentesting, social engineering testing, and physical security testing. Each type of pentesting focuses on assessing specific areas of security to identify weaknesses and provide comprehensive recommendations for enhancing defense mechanisms.

After a pentest, DevilDog Cybersecurity's experts compile a detailed report that outlines the vulnerabilities discovered, the potential impact they could have on the business, and recommended remediation steps. This report serves as a roadmap for organizations to prioritize and address security weaknesses effectively, enhancing their defenses against future attacks. DevilDog Cybersecurity is committed to providing comprehensive post-pentest support and collaborating with businesses to implement the recommended measures, ensuring a robust cybersecurity posture.