CMMI Compliance

The DevilDog Compliance Division specializes in Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). Our team is comprised of numerous subject matter experts who have a thorough background in CMMI best practices and processes. Regardless of the maturity level your organization needs to achieve, DevilDog has a team of engineers to help you achieve your CMMI goals. Our engineers can implement a custom solution at any of CMMI's five levels, most common of which are "Maturity Level 2 (Managed)" or "Maturity Level 3 (Defined)".

Why do I need CMMI?

The CMMI is a proven framework that assesses and improves your organization’s capability to deliver high-quality products and services. CMMI defines five maturity levels that represent different stages of process improvement and maturity. Each maturity level is a milestone in an organization’s journey toward achieving excellence in its processes and practices. The final outcome is an enhancement of your organization’s performance.

The DevilDog CMMI Division will provide a structured approach for your organization to assess and improve your processes and practices continually. The five maturity levels, from Initial to Optimizing, give a clear roadmap for your organization to progress towards higher process maturity and achieve better business outcomes. By embracing CMMI, your organization can enhance its overall performance, deliver high-quality products and services consistently, and stay competitive in today’s dynamic business landscape.