HITRUST Compliance

The DevilDog Compliance Division specializes in the HITRUST framework for the healthcare sector. Our team is comprised of numerous subject matter experts including: engineers with military compliance backgrounds, healthcare recognized certifications, Masters' Degrees, and PhDs. Very few companies have our depth of knowledge in the HITRUST framework. Our engineers and documentation team can implement a custom HITRUST-compliant solution and meet most timelines for any healthcare office. Most of our solutions can be implemented in three to six months depending on scope and complexity.

What is HITRUST & Why Do I Need It?

The urgency for HITRUST compliance lies in ensuring your healthcare business meets rigorous cybersecurity standards, protecting sensitive data and reducing the risk of cyber threats. HITRUST compliance is a comprehensive cybersecurity framework tailored for the healthcare. It matters to your business because it safeguards patient data, builds trust with stakeholders, and demonstrates your commitment to protecting sensitive information. Healthcare organizations, service providers, and business associates involved in the healthcare can benefit from HITRUST certification to establish a strong security posture and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

By choosing HITRUST compliance with DevilDog Cybersecurity, you gain access to our expertise and capabilities in delivering effective cybersecurity solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Our team of experienced security engineers collaborates closely with your business to implement the HITRUST framework, aligning it with your unique requirements. We guide you through the entire assessment and certification process, conducting policy reviews, risk assessments, and vulnerability scans to ensure your organization's security controls and practices meet the highest standards.

DevilDog Cybersecurity understands the practicality of protecting electronic health records (EHR), personal health information (PHI), payment card data, and other sensitive information governed by HITRUST. Our solutions encompass comprehensive data protection measures, advanced threat detection, and robust risk management strategies to safeguard your valuable assets. With DevilDog Cybersecurity as your trusted partner, you can establish a strong security foundation, mitigate potential threats, and enhance your reputation as a secure and reliable healthcare provider.

Timing for HITRUST certification varies depending on factors such as the size and nature of your business, contractual requirements, and regulatory obligations. Our team will work closely with you to determine the right time for certification based on your specific situation. It is crucial to prioritize the implementation of HITRUST compliance to minimize the risk of data breaches, potential legal consequences, damaged reputation, and financial losses associated with non-compliance.

Failure to meet HITRUST security standards can have severe consequences for your business, including compromised patient information, legal ramifications, financial losses, and damage to your reputation. By partnering with DevilDog Cybersecurity, you mitigate these risks and ensure that your organization meets the highest security standards, positioning you as a trusted and reliable healthcare provider in an increasingly data-driven healthcare.