The DevilDog Story

Semper Fidelis

DevilDog Cybersecurity was founded by a group of Marines who have an extensive background in cybersecurity & business. DevilDog’s executive team has served in various branches of the US Armed Forces, and have PhD’s and Master’s Degrees in Information Technology and Cybersecurity. Our staff is comprised of highly-skilled engineers, cybersecurity experts with graduate degrees, and educators at the university level.

Founded with Marine Corps principles, DevilDog echos the Marine values of honor, courage & commitment. We strive to live out the Marine Corps moto, Semper Fidelis, which is Latin for ‘Always Faithful.’ DevilDog is the company who will always be there for our clients.

Our mission is to be our clients first line of defense against cyber threats. We build custom solutions that are robust to follow the highest standards and protocols. Protecting our clients business and, in extension, our Nation’s security, is our passion.

DevilDog prides itself in it’s relationships with cybersecurity leaders on the forefront of government regulations and standards, such as the NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance. DevilDog will set you up for success by ensuring a path to compliance with all regulations and requirements facing your business.

Our Mission

To create the most innovative, resilient and secure solutions in cybersecurity.

Our Vision

To simplify the world through technology.

Our Purpose

To build innovative cybersecurity solutions that simplify the way our clients do business. We strive to create more resilient companies that are gifted with peace of mind.

Our Values

We are focused on our clients and therefore we continuously strive to improve the quality of our service to match and exceed our customers’ expectations and to provide them with an exceptional product, service and value.

We are innovators and technology leaders who seek to help clients of all skill levels achieve peak performance through leveraging IT in every service and product we bring to market.

Through our innovative culture we strive to leverage technology and encourage staff to create efficiencies and operational excellence within our organization.

Our Social Mission compels us to use our company profits in innovative ways to make a difference in the world through charitable values.

Our leadership team acts with courage to deliver the very best we can do. We are constantly challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and holding ourselves accountable for results.

Our company is committed to transparency, integrity, and responsibility.

Our company is committed to creating a positive work environment that treats employees with respect and fairness.

DevilDog is an Impact Company

Our Social Mission compels us to use at least 10% of company profits in innovative ways to make a difference in the world through charitable organizations.